Excursions leaving from the refuge

As we have already said, Tosa and Pedrotti refuges are in the heart of the Dolomiti di Brenta: a perfect location, which permits to reach all the other refuges of the Gruppo.


The new equipped Spellini path
Leave the Pedrotti refuge in the morning heading towards refuge Alimonta, via the Bocchette Centrali. You will return to the refuge following the Spinelli path. Alternatively  follow the Spinelli path until refuge Alimonta and then go straight on towards the Bocchette Alte reaching refuge Tuckett. Download and print the pdf file.

To Rifugio Agostini following the Palmieri path (path 320, 2,30hrs).
Leaving from refuge Pedrotti, walk until the little church, keeping the church on your left, continue on the same path which takes also to Cima Tosa (n.358). Follow this path for about 10 minutes until you arrive at a crossing, take the path which goes down to the left (Palmieri path n.320) into the valley, this leads to the other side of the mountain, you will walk for a while by the edge of the Pozza Tramontana. After a series of bends you will arrive to a big rock above Passo Ceda. From here the path goes on across a flat land until the Forcolotta di Noghera (2423m) where you will have a wonderful overview of the Val d’Ambiez (1.30hrs). The path goes down on the opposite side of the mountain, crosses the rocky spurs of the Cime di Ceda and, once you are on the road that comes up from the Val d’Ambiez, after a few bends, you will reach refuge Agostini (2410m).

To refuge Agostini via Sella della Tosa and the Ferrata Brentari (2.40hrs - 3.00hrs, path 358).
This itinerary requires some mountaineering abilities and special equipment. From refuge Pedrotti you must follow the indications above until the crossing with  path Palmieri. Instead of going down on the left, go up to the valley at the bottom of the Cima Margherita. Continue going up across the scree, the path leads to a large valley and at the end of this, is the Vedretta Superiore della Tosa. Walk along the valley on the right side (follow the track, men) until you reach the top. Climb the steps on the right (track) until you are above the white rocks, just under the beginning of the normal path to the Cima Tosa, from here you can see the rocks of the famous “camino”. Take the rocky path on the left, go straight across and you will arrive to the Sella della Tosa (2860 m). Continue on the ledges and after about 10 minutes you will arrive to the Bocca della Tosa. From here, continue going down using the steel cables and stairs reaching the Vedretta d’Ambiez, where you must continue going down, preferably to the right, towards the rocks of the Cima d’Ambiez, arriving to the moraine. Keep going down towards refuge Agostini.



To refuge 12 Apostoli via Sella della Tosa and the Bocca d'Ambiez(5.00 hrs, path 358 - 304). Also this itinerary requires mountaineering abilities and special equipment. Follow the indications above until the Vedretta d’Ambiez. At this point, instead of going down, cross the hanging glacier on the left side, reaching the start of the “ferrata” way that leads to the Bocca d’Ambiez (2871 m). Once you are at the Bocca, continue by going down on the other side of the mountain, using the steel cables, until the Vedretta dei Camosci, from there, if you go down on the left, you must follow the Martinazzi path which leads to refuge Brentei, if you go down on the right, you will arrive at the bottom of the Bocca dei Camosci (2784 m). Continue going up walking on some rocks until the Sella, from here you must go down using the marked path that goes along the lateral moraine, down a hill towards a large valley, the other side of which you must go up reaching the refuge XII Apostoli (2489 m).

To refuge Tuckett via path Osvaldo Orsi (path 303, 3.00hrs).
From refuge Pedrotti go down along the path to Molveno for a few minutes (n.319) until a terrace under refuge Tosa. From here go down some rocky steps on the left, then down until you arrive in a valley, cross it and follow the path that bypasses the rocky base of Brenta Alta. You will arrive to the Busa degli Sfulmini from where you can see great mountains of Brenta Alta and Campanili Basso e Alto, the group of Sfulmini, the Torre di Brenta, Cima degli Armi and the peak of Cima degli Armi Bassa. The path goes ahead and arrives to the Busa degli Armi, also surrounded by many rocky peaks. Continuing across the Busa going up a bit you will arrive to the base of a strange rocky horn, just after you will see the Val Perse and the mountain of Cima Roma (1,20hrs). From here, the path goes down on some rocks until you arrive to a small ledge in the cliff, where you will find a steel cable. Continuing, you will cross a few gullies and will go down until the beginning of Val Perse, going ahead through detrituses and snowfields at the base of the important east side of the Cima Brenta, you will then find yourself in a steep gully which goes up towards left. Go up it, but in case there is frozen snow, keep on the right side where there is a steel cable, until you reach the Bocca del Tuckett (2648m). Descend to the hanging glacier of Tuckett, first in the middle, then on the right where you will find the path that is on the side of the moraine and leads to Refuge Tuckett (2272m).

To refuge Alimonta via the Bocchette centrali (path 305, 2.30hrs - 3.00hrs).
The Bocchette Centrali is a daring way which goes through a chain of ledges which take to the steep rock faces of the peaks of the central mountain group of Brenta. There are many stretches which can be covered with snow. Leaving from Refuge Pedrotti, in 10 minutes you arrive to the Bocca del Brenta (2552m), cross to the other side and descend on the opposite side, keeping on the right, there is a small ledge that marks the beginning of the “via ferrata”. Some steps in the rock followed by a vertical ladder takes to an easy ledge that crosses all the west face of Brenta Alta, then on artificial ledges leads to the north face, and, going up on rocks and steel ladders you will reach a steel Cross, go down a few meters and you will arrive to the Bocchetta del Campanile Basso (2620m) on its left the path of the Campanile Basso starts (45 min from Refuge Pedrotti). At this point you will turn to the east face, firstly you go up through a gully under the Bocchetta del Campanile Alto, then after some steep rocks you will arrive at a panoramic point, the Bocchetta della Sentinella. Keeping on the east side, cross some small gullies and exposed ledges you will arrive at the rocky shoulder from where some steps descend to the Bocca degli Armi, at the top of the Vedretta degli Sfulmini. From here you go down, first on a snowfield the on a moraine, until you reach Refuge Alimonta. From the Bocca degli Armi, keeping on the left, you can also continue on the path of the Bocchette Alte.

To the peak of Monte Daino (2695 m.)
The ascent of Monte Daino from Refuge Pedrotti is short and quite difficult, but the view of the Gruppo di Brenta, lake of Molveno, the Oriental Dolomiti and the Valsugana is wonderful. The isolated position quite far from the main mountain group of Brenta, makes it one of the best panoramic points of the area. From the refuge you must follow the path, slightly downhill, that reaches the occidental base of the Croz del Rifugio until you arrive at the large saddle between the Croz and Monte Daino. Turning along the east side you will come to the big Busa del Daino. Following some signs of old passages you will reach an edge between the two peaks (until here you will find men made with stones or old sighs). At this point turn to the left and follow the edge of the peak and the grassy oriental face of the mountain, you will arrive to the NNE peak (1.30hrs).


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