From Refuge Pedrotti and Tosa there are many easy routes, from the classic normal route to Cima Tosa (3173 m, the highest of Gruppo di Brenta) to the much more difficult routes on the east side of Brenta Alta (as the famous Detassis), passing through intermediate routes such as the Cima Margherita, the Croz del Rifugio to the one on the most famous needle of the world: Campanile Basso.


The refuge is an ideal starting point for climbers leaving for Cima Brenta Alta, Brenta Bassa, Cima Margherita, Campanile Basso and Alto and many others. For obvious reasons we can not describe all the climbing routes, below you can find the most classic one, for others, we suggest you look at the various guides such as the Buscaini and Castiglioni.

Cima Tosa, 3173 m, via the normal way. Even if it an easy way (II grade), it is still a mountaineering ascent, so it is necessary to have the appropriate equipment (rope, sling and descendent to descend in double rope) and technical abilities. Cima Tosa is a colossal mountain in the heart of the Gruppo di Brenta and with its 3173m it is also the highest peak. The path (path n.358) starts from the little Church near Refuge Pedrotti and goes around Brenta Bassa on the south-east side (towards Pozza Tramontana). When you arrive at the crossing with Sentieri Palmieri you must take the path on the right, which continues until the base of Cima Margherita. Going up towards the left, the path leads at the large deep valley where at the top there is the Vedretta.

the Falesia della Brenta Bassa
It is a climbing rock face very near the refuge, with more or less twenty possible routes, equipped with spit for variable difficulties, from 4a to 7a and a maximum length of 18meters. Ideal for children! Download and print the pdf.



Near the refuge we have set an enjoyable SLACKLINE, to test your balance in total safety!!


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