How to reach us

The Refuge Pedrotti, with its central position in the Brenta mountain group, can be reached in many different ways.

From Molveno, though the Val delle Seghea (path n. 319,time 4,30hrs)

From the sports area of Molveno, follow the road that takes to the Bar Ciclamino. From there, follow the unmade road that takes to the Refuge Croz dell’Altissimo and after 40minutes you will arrive at a crossroad (altitude 1324m), leave the unmade road at your left and take the mountain road on your right which goes through the woods. After a series of gentle hairpin bends you will reach the Refuge Selvata (1630m) from where you continue following the itinerary below.

From the refuge Selvata. The path (path n.319) goes on under the peak of the Cima delle Fontane Fredde, crosses the brook called Acqua della Dosola and continues through a grass land where there still are some ruins of the ancient Baito dei Massodi (1994m). Keep going and you will reach the Refuge Tosa, and just after, the Refuge Pedrotti (2,30 hrs).

From Molveno - Pradel via the Val dei Massodi (3.30hrs, path n. 340). From the Refuges of the area of Pradel (1367m) take the easy mountain path that goes under the rock faces of the Croz dell’Altissimo and arrives at the Refuge Croz dell’Altissimo (1430m). Cross the river and go up on the right following some bends until you leave the woods near the Refuge Selvata (1630m). From here follow the itinerary below.



From Molveno via the Val di Ceda (steep and difficult path). Following the western side of the lake, you will reach the locality Fortini di Napoleone (30 min). Follow the unmade road that takes to the Refuge Malga d’Andalo; after a few hundred meters from the beginning of this road, you will find the beginning of the path n.326 of the Val di Ceda. Continue on this very steep path among the woods, and after some rocky steps you will reach the ruins of Malga Ceda Bassa, 1434m (2,30 hrs).
Continue on the left of the woods and then zigzagging up a steep hill you will reach the ruins of Malga Ceda Alta, 1815m. Still following the red signs of the path (which are not many) you will reach Passo di Ceda, 2223m.
Facing the Pozza Tramontana, partly hidden by the Tosa mountain, follow the track of the path on the right, you will ascent the very steep hill of the Monte Daino until you nearly reach the bottom of the Croz dell’Altissimo, then continue until you reach the Refuge (5 hrs).


From Madonna di Campiglio via Refuge Valesinella, Refuge Brentei and the Bocca di Brenta (3,15 hrs).
From Refuge Valesinella (1513m) take the wide path which takes to Refuge Casinei (1825m, 0,45 hrs). Continue on the path which then takes to Refuge Brentei. From here follow a nice path which with regular gradient runs the length of the higher Val Brenta, crossing a rocky gully at the base of the Campanile Alto and Basso. From a snow covered dip, the path continues along a rocky area on the right of the rocky gully, and after a short snowy stretch, reaches the Bocca di Brenta (2552m). From here, the path descents on the eastern side, following a rocky ledge on the right which takes to Refuge Pedrotti.

From Madonna di Campiglio with the Grostè cablecar. From Madonna di Campiglio, an easy and alternative way is reaching the Passo Grostè with the cablecar, from there, you can reach Refuge Tuckett with a easy path. From this Refuge you can continue, there are  various itineraries to reach Refuge Pedrotti. The shortest is the path that goes to Refuge Brentei, then, via the Bocca di Brenta, reaches our Refuge. (3,30 - 4 hrs from Passo Grostè).



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